President Message

Golam Ahsan
Bangladesh Handicrafts Manufactures & Exporters Association (BANGLACRAFT)

Whenever an innovative change occurs, the reaction includes two extremes. One is the conservative or skeptical response: the change is deemed unnecessary, or doubts are cast about the improvements it is supposed to deliver. The other is the uncritical enthusiasm of those who are always hungry for change. The majority, however, will be somewhere in between, curious about the innovation, critical of its drawbacks, but delighted with the benefits it brings. I am sure the BANGLACRAFT website will initially elicit the entire gamut of these responses. But before long, I can confidently predict, members will accept it as an integral part of the club, something they can be proud of, and also something they will find useful. We might even look upon it as a modest contribution to the creation of a “digital Bangladesh.” Websites are useful and valuable because they can provide what other things, like printed brochures, cannot. They cannot go missing, they do not take up any space, and they are always a mouse click away. Our website offers, at a glance, the long and chequered history of the BANGLACRAFT, information on the facilities it provides, and Association news. And it can be used by members to communicate with us. We fondly hope that to members sojourning far from us the website will be a “virtual Association” which they will enjoy accessing. This is just a beginning; members are welcome to suggest improvements. I wish to extend profuse thanks to all those who have contributed for being with me to accelerate the dynamic activities of Banglacraft.