On Going Projects

Ongoing and Previous Projects:

SME foundation has been providing training support fund to Banglacraft as part of this the following organizations have provided financial support previously for developing the products of the association members.


Name of Partner Organization

Period of Grant

The Activities under the   Project Implement


Marching Grant Facility(MGF)


National Craft show-2003, Dhaka Int. Trade Fair-2002, Seminar, Market visit, Product catalogue, Brocher




 Skill Development Training program,  Seminar, Workshop, Product directory, Library books




Design development, marketing, Dyeing& Fumigation coloring,


GTZ Progress


Human resource development training,  physical infrastructure development,  training policy research




 Handicraft Policy / Manual  design seminar


In the past EPB (Export Promotion Bureau support the handicraft Handloom Development Project (1982 86) implemented by BANGLACRAFT. This was followed by the EU supported Technical assistance to the Handicraft industry (1991-93). In collaboration with EPB.  Banglacraft tried to meet the   expectation of the NGOs and SME producers and exporters. In spite several external donor supported projects it is a question whether any effective service delivery capacity has been developed by either organization.

Partnership development is going on with the following organization.

SME Foundation

Bangladesh Small and  Cottage Industries Corporation( BSCIC)

Export Promotion Bureau(EPB) Under ministry of Commerce

 Jute Diversification Promotion Center (JDPC) Under the Ministry of Textile and Jute.

Ministry of Industry

Parjatan Corporation

Business Promotion Center (BPC) under Ministry of Commerce

WTO( World Trade Organization) under  Ministry of Commerce


Project management:

Bangladesh Handicraft Manufacturers and Exporters Association (Banglacraft) is a large association on Handicraft sector in Bangladesh. In this Association President is the prime authority and others 18 EC members are overseeing the total management. Besides this 1 secretary   is the part of the management as paid employee in this organizational. The others employee such as Coordinator, Public Relations Officer, Senior Office Assistant, Office Assistant cum Messenger. Besides this one staff like as cleaner (sweeper). All staff is reputable to office Secretary and Secretary is reputable to President.       


·          Project Monitoring & Supervision:

The monitoring and supervision mechanism of this association has been practicing following this process such as a monitoring and supervising team is actively working their activities very properly. In this organization.  A steering committee has been formed for accelerating the program activities.  The steering committee members are executive committee members.


Recommendation on the basis ofBanglacraftmembers:

Priory should be given to the identification and diversification of prospective handicrafts having future potentials newer products and diversified product should be included in the exported list. For international marketing development, diversity and quality should be improved to enter into most imperative world market to fulfill the foreign buyers. Tests and preferences, high quality products and their aesthetic values will have to be nourished. So quality and standard of the handicraft should be improved by its color size, design new ideas, use etc. The  institutional development  and  infrastructure  development  of the handicraft should be  facilities by  skill development program, classical drawing program, quality control and standardization  of the items  technological improvement  technical know –how  involvement  popularization  of the handicrafts  in the world market  is made through  efficient promotion  in the export market.  To promote the crafts internationally international media may be used with the support of government agencies. 


 Women entrepreneurship development and handicraft sector development:

It is obvious that, women should be trained for becoming entrepreneurs. They are getting only skill depending training through different NGOs and GOs.  It is not sustainable process to n take them upward from below substance level to substance level. Through the entrepreneurship development craft sector could be developed and get the proper shape. So this area should be covered by the GO and NGO initiatives and also by the women.


 Problems of Handicraft Exporting from Bangladesh:

·          Handicraft unlike fair trade foods are not repeat Products.

·          Alternative Trading Organizations and fair trade importers have historically  lost market commercial importers

·          Expendit6ure is very seasonal

·         World shops generally lack professionalism

·         Global recession

·         Stiff competition from china and Asia, where labor rates are very low.

·          Rational giftware from competition from giftexpentiones was voucher can be exchanged for activity days.

·         ATOs and importers are focusing on food products to increase sales(Especially) in mainstream outlets)

·         Beneficiaries of the Project: All members of Bangladesh Handicrafts Manufacturers and Exporters Association (Banglacraft).